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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


At EPS, we believe it is critical that we maintain strict oversight and quality control over the manufacturing and assembly of our engines.  Although EPS has contracted with suppliers for the manufacture of some major components, the majority of the manufacturing and assembly will be conducted in our own facility at the New Richmond airport, where we currently have a pilot manufacturing center in place.


Figuring out the most efficient, cost-effective way to build the design, while ensuring that every part is machined to our exacting specifications, is the only way to guarantee our future.  There are no shortcuts. Our mission is to produce a diesel piston engine that performs in ways never seen before.  That is not a goal we will turn over to an outside manufacturer to fulfill.  We alone have the experience, the motivation and the understanding of our design to manufacture it with the quality, reliability and cost controls required.


Innovation, aviation and manufacturing are the key strengths in Wisconsin, and EPS is working on all three.

Governor Scott Walker – Wisconsin

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