EPS | Is Your Aircraft an STC Candidate?

Is Your Aircraft an STC Candidate?

Is Your Aircraft an STC Candidate?

EPS expects to conclude FAA Certification of the Graflight V8 Diesel Engine soon. Once finished, we will set up a production line for several OEM manufacturers. At the same time, we want to begin the development of STCs for aircraft around the world that would benefit from Graflight V8 retrofit installations.


Therefore, we are reaching out to pilots around the world to measure the level of interest in retrofitting an existing aircraft with one of our diesel engines. The Graflight V8 can be programmed to develop 320 to 420 horsepower and can consequently work with any single or twin engine aircraft that falls within that power range.


For more details on the engine’s capabilities, please visit our engine overview page. You can also contact us directly or visit EPS at any upcoming trade shows for more information and specifications.


If you consider yourself in a position to replace or overhaul your engine in the near future (say, within a year) and are interested in replacing your powerplant with a far more efficient diesel engine, please share your thoughts with us. Your feedback could result in our developing an STC for your type of aircraft.


We are not taking any deposits now, as it is still too early to determine the costs of a Graflight V8 Diesel Engine. We will post the cost on the website as soon as possible.


There is no obligation to participate in this survey or purchase the engine. We are simply trying to determine interest levels. We sincerely thank you for your time and input.


Please provide us with the following information: