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Our Partners

EPS is sourcing many of the critical engine parts from world class suppliers with the resources, experience and special talents required to produce top-of-the-line components.  These companies already serve the automotive industry, providing parts to such venerable manufacturers as BMW, Porsche and Audi. They are fully capable of meeting the stringent requirements set by the FAA and EASA quality control.


Before putting their brands in line with ours, many of these suppliers visited our headquarters in New Richmond, Wisconsin, to see firsthand what makes our operation and approach unique. Each was deeply impressed with the superiority of our design, the thoroughness of our testing and the fine running quality of our engine. We are pleased to have them on board.

Bosch Aviation Technology

Bosch General Aviation Technology


A wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch Austria AG, which is the leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems for the automotive industry, Bosch General Aviation Technology joined EPS in July 2013 with a multi-year development contract to design and manufacture the fuel injection system, fuel pump and electronic control unit.  Much like the computer that drives your car engine, the engine controller is critical to achieving optimum fuel economy, and it assumes pilot chores such as adjusting propeller pitch, fuel mixture and controlling engine temperature.  This not only reduces pilot workload, it allows the engine to work at its greatest efficiency at all times.  This component, combined with Bosch’s superior fuel technology systems, gives the EPS engine the same advanced engineering that makes European automotive diesel engines clean, quiet and extraordinarily fuel efficient.  It is the first time this technology is being introduced to an engine specifically designed for aviation. EPS will be responsible, in conjunction with Bosch General Aviation Technology, for FAA certification of these parts once they are finalized.

Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall


The casting of major engine parts like the blocks and cylinder heads will be done by the British firm Grainger & Worrall, which has 75 years experience, operates 6 foundries, employs 400 people, and is recognized worldwide for its castings development and innovations. The firm caters to customers requiring prototypes, small batch and low volume castings, all backed by a world class design house with an unrivaled understanding of geometry, tooling, pattern-making and science.  This extensive experience is invaluable when calculating how best to manufacture a particular component.  Our engineers work hand-in-hand with engineers from Grainger & Worrall to ensure our designs can be poured effectively and that they are as strong as possible while still being as lightweight as possible.  This close collaboration is key to our engine’s smooth operation, durability and low maintenance.