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Company Executives

In 2006, Michael Fuchs and Steven Weinzierl founded their consulting business to serve clients in engine design around the world. They focused largely on aviation projects and other consulting opportunities that would help fulfill the needs of Engineered Propulsion Systems, which was always their main goal. As they began working on the design for the EPS engine, they expanded their focus into other realms, including management, finance, accounting, marketing, fundraising, and the myriad other skills required to build a successful company. Over the years the two engineers have systematically set out to establish themselves not only as top aviation innovators, but also as talented CEO’s and leaders with the full complement of expertise necessary to lead EPS and bring general aviation into the future.



Michael Fuchs

President and CEO


One of the co-founders of the firm, Mr. Fuchs is a German citizen and permanent resident of the United States. His passion for aviation grew out of his family’s global travels, and his passion for engineering came directly from his father, who worked as an engineer for the German government. Mr. Fuchs studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Applied Science in Aachen, where he specialized in turbine and piston engine hardware and technology.  Upon graduation, he went to work for Schrick GmbH in Remscheid, Germany, the world’s premiere engine consulting firm, where he designed and executed prototype engines of all kinds for a variety of manufacturers, including Volkswagen, GM/Opel, Ford and Arctic Cat ATV’s. Over the course of his 15-year career with Schrick, Mr. Fuchs worked in virtually every aspect of engine design and production. To name a few key projects, Mr. Fuchs was involved in the W8, W12 and W16 engines for Volkswagen that are installed in Volkswagen, Audis and Bugattis. His last  significant contribution before the EPS project began was his engine block design for the Ford 6.7 liter V-8 Scorpion diesel, which became the centerpiece for the Ford Super Duty pickup truck, that won best-in-class diesel in 2011. After a few years, Mr. Fuchs developed an interest not only in the engineering side of these projects but also in the management side and became a project and team leader at Schrick, running many of these design and production programs.


Steve Weinzierl


Steve Weinzierl

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


EPS co-founder Mr. Weinzierl hails from Minnesota. He developed an early passion for aviation and automotive design and engines because his father owned Chrysler and GM dealerships. Mr. Weinzierl grew up working in those dealerships, flying in his dad’s airplane and constantly toying with engines. He studied mechanical engineering at North Dakota State University, where he completed a master’s degree based on design work for a high-speed, single-stage reduction drive for an experimental airplane engine. Upon graduation, Mr. Weinzierl worked briefly for Dow Chemical and then moved on to Polaris Industries, initially designing a 4-stroke ATV engine and then leading the effort to develop the Victory motorcycle and its electronic fuel-injection calibration standards. After joining the global engine consulting firm Schrick in 1999, Mr. Weinzierl led a team that developed a revolutionary lightweight aero-diesel engine for an unmanned aerial vehicle. His next project at Schrick led him to Mr. Fuchs; together they co-led a team that designed a new family of three small fuel-injection engines for Arctic Cat ATVs. The two men found their skills and interests complemented each other, and after completing several more assignments at Schrick they decided to open their own consulting firm and work on the EPS engine for general aviation.


Paul Mayer

Paul Mayer

Chief Financial Officer


With over thirty years experience in all aspects of business, including start-up operations, growing existing companies and turn-around situations, Mr. Mayer has developed extensive expertise for increasing sales, developing innovative new products, creating business partnerships, increasing productivity, reducing costs, off-shore sourcing and strategic planning. Mr. Mayer runs his own business consulting firm with more than 30 clients in the Wisconsin area and also serves as president of the New Richmond Area Economic Development Corporation, a privately funded effort to increase the tax base and provide job growth in the New Richmond area. Before taking on those responsibilities, he retired from his job as president of Chaney Instrument Co., a $38 million manufacturer of time and temperature products in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Mr. Mayer also served in the U.S. Air Force, working in the Armament and Test Laboratory in the early 1970s.