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In 2013, EPS built a pilot manufacturing plant at its headquarters in New Richmond, Wisconsin. The facility has allowed the company to machine the majority of the components in the engine itself. EPS has already manufactured two complete engines for use in testing and is working on manufacturing multiple pre-production engines that will be used in the first step of the process to receive FAA certification.


With machine tools from DMG and Mori Seiki, this initial installation is meant to prove the manufacturing processes — in collaboration with the FAA Manufacturing Inspection District Office — for certification. This will allow us to streamline manufacturing and make it as cost-effective as possible. In addition, by manufacturing the parts ourselves, we can make them as needed and reduce inventory buildup. Machining in-house also allows us to preserve many of our trade secrets.


Eventually, as demand for our Graflight V-8 engine increases, we expect to build a full-scale manufacturing plant on the grounds of the New Richmond Regional Airport. That facility will be scalable, with the potential to produce more than 500 engines per year.



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