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Our Locations

The innovations at EPS are the result of a team of experts from around the globe who have been working together since 2006.  We have designed, built, tested and proven the value of our proof-of-concept engine; established a pilot manufacturing center at our headquarters in New Richmond, Wisconsin; contracted with top suppliers for our production engine; opened an engineering field office in Germany; prepared for flight tests that are underway at our testing facility in Mojave, California; and initiated the FAA certification process for production to begin in 2016.


EPS currently operates out of three locations:


New Richmond, Wisconsin

Engineered Propulsion Systems is headquartered in this small farming town, which boasts one of the fastest growing regional airports in the Midwest. New Richmond is a short commute from Minneapolis St. Paul, which has the needed skilled workforce, while New Richmond itself is conveniently located to EPS’s prospective major aviation customers in Wichita, Kansas, home to Beechcraft and Cessna, and Duluth, Minnesota, headquarters of Cirrus. EPS will build its engine production plant on the grounds of the regional airport, which has plenty of room for EPS expansion. There is a 5,500 foot runway suitable for all GA aircraft, including business jets, making the company easily accessible to all.

EPS Team California


Mojave, California

Home to our flight test operation, Engineered Propulsion Systems operates out of a hanger on the grounds of the Mojave Air and Space Port, where the most cutting edge aviation projects of the past 30 years have taken place – programs like the spaceflight of Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne; the design, building and test flight of Steve Fossett’s Global Flyer and the design, building and test flight of Dick Rutan’s Voyager, which was the first airplane to fly nonstop around the world. The Graflight V-8 engine is right at home among these legends, flying in a specially equipped Cirrus SR-22 under the guidance of test pilot Dick Rutan and his team.

EPS Team Wisconsin

Burscheid, Germany

Engineered Propulsion Systems operates an engineering field office in Europe for a variety of reasons. First, the Graflight V-8 is based on the very best European automotive technology and many of our parts suppliers are located here. It is important that our engineers work closely with these suppliers to ensure that our needs are being met. Second, Bosch General Aviation is playing an integral role by providing the key electronic components and the fuel injection system, and our field office works closely with the Bosch team. Bosch has dedicated twenty engineers to our project so far and it is imperative that we provide them with guidance at all times. And finally, because Engineered Propulsion Systems will always remain at the forefront of automotive engine innovation, we need employees right where the action is happening. If there is a breakthrough, an advancement, a technology that we think belongs in an aviation design, we want to be on hand to hear about it, see it, and experience it first.

EPS Team Germany