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A Revolution in Flight


At Engineered Propulsion Systems, we are changing the future of General Aviation with our state-of-the-art lightweight diesel engine, the Graflight V-8, which runs in the 320 to 420 horsepower range. This engine is the first of its kind, designed from scratch to achieve the best fuel economy the business has ever seen. The Graflight V-8’s eight-cylinder, 4-stroke piston engine takes full advantage of the extensive research and development that has elevated automotive diesel engines to the highest standards, incorporating them into an engine designed specifically for general aviation. It offers incredible advancements in reliability, safety and durability by taking a high-tech approach to the problems commonly found in competitors’ engines and eliminating them through a combination of extremely rugged yet lightweight materials and by employing the most advanced proven automotive techniques for monitoring and controlling engine performance.


The Graflight V-8 is unlike anything that has ever been put inside a general aviation airplane and the results can be seen in virtually every aspect of its performance and design. Though it is of comparable weight and size, the Graflight V-8 has shown up to 40 percent fuel savings when matched against comparable turbine engines. The engine increases range by up to 50 percent or payload by up to 40 percent compared to Avgas-powered aircraft. When compared with other aviation diesels, it is still 15 percent more fuel efficient because unlike those engines, it was built specifically to meet the requirements of flight. It is also the cleanest and greenest engine ever manufactured for the GA market, cutting CO2 emissions by 30 percent over comparable Avgas engines and by 17 percent over competing diesel engines. In fact, if this engine could be installed in every car in America, it would cut fuel consumption across the board by 30 percent – just imagine!